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Our Goal is Simple

We want to give you more than a flashy website. We want to give you an affordable site that works.

Our Story

We are a small company based in the scenic mountains of Northern Idaho. A few years back, we noticed that our community lacked a lot in the area of website design companies. We decided to answer the call. We wanted to create a company that offered affordable design services, continued maintenance, and redesign work for those that had existing or outdated sites as well as hosting those sites at fair prices. We have undergone extensive training at our own expense to help meet these needs.

We really feel that quality should not be so expensive that it isn't attainable by those of us living in an area with a lower than average household income. By not staffing a large office, having lots of employees, and driving the big fancy cars we can keep a much lower overhead which will help us do just that. We want to save you money and give you good service from a local company.

Our main client base is the people and businesses in and around St. Maries, Santa, Emida, Fernwood, Calder, Avery, and Plummer. After 20+ years of living here, we have kind of gotten attached to the area and the people.

We are also in the process of creating a non-profit site at to give back to the community through our creativity and love for the community that surrounds us.

Over the years we have seen many tragedies happen around the community. From victims of house fires to flooding, and health problems to unexpect death of a family member, our small towns come together to help out where we can. Unlike the large cities, we see the selfless outpouring of help for the unfortunate. That is why we love this area so much.

The site will be used to bring awareness to these causes, or families stricken by an unexpected life changing event such as fire, accident, sickness, or death. It will be used to keep you informed of the situation and ways you can help through donations of supplies, services, cash, or even just your time.

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