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For the Chellah, we mixed up a very tacky dough that clung to the bowl, the hook and the table. Mindful of Chef's to use as little flour as possible.


We used both hands, one on top of the other, to press out most of the gas and pulled the dough into a rectangle. Then, with the short-end facing us, we folded it in three.

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The recipe in the link is half the original recipe which yields about 18 large muffins. I always cut down on the butter in this recipe.

Pistachio and Dried Frucit Cake

The author says her mother makes this cake during Lent so it is a coincidence that I made it for Easter weekend.

Brown Berry Tower

For the final class of this course, we made a tall cake, with brownie layers sandwiching two kinds of cream and strawberries.

Raisin bread

Tea breads, half way between bread and a cake popular for tea, as they keep well and can be made in advance. Soda bread is a good substitute for yeast bread in an emergency, and can be made shortly before it is required.


I worked on 9 strands at a time, letting them relax before rolling and stretching it a bit further. In all, it took us about an hour to finish. We braided the strands then coiled them around a stainless steel bowl that we covered in tinfoil.

Bread Basket Chef baked them in a hot oven until the dough set, then removed the metal bowls and inverted the basket to dry out the inside. When she removed them from the oven, the outside was browned but the inside was still a bit soft, so we finished drying them at home. I'm not all that excited about this product: while it's edible and interesting to admire, I much prefer something I can eat.