Cole’s Orchard is a Certified Organic small family farm in nearby Green Bluff. We have been operating this farm since 1992 starting with about 400 fruit trees, now with approximately 900. Our specialty is apples, with 6 varieties, which start ripening in mid-summer running through the end of October.

At the present time, 95% of our crop is sold right out of our garage through direct marketing. There are zero food miles on everything we grow.

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When we first started growing tree fruit, we did so using conventional methods. In addition to ourselves wanting to be in the orchard, we had young children that wanted to play there as well. This made us realize that the harsh chemicals had to be eliminated. Thus, began Robert’s learning process of how to farm without poisoning the environment and our family. Even though it has been a gradual transition to become fully Certified Organic, we eliminated the conventional pesticides 12 years ago. We look forward to retaining our many customers that come back every year and meeting many new ones seeking local and organic apples.